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Getting started making your own cigarettes and SAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choosing to make your own cigarettes can be a very cost effective solution to the problem of rising cigarette costs today. People have been rolling their own cigarettes for ages, but many smokers today choose not to do this because they prefer manufactured cigarettes with filters. A growing trend today is to make your own (MYO) cigarettes, which is done with a machine that injects tobacco into a filtered cigarette tube. M. Y. O. cigarette machines have been around for some time. The first M.Y.O. cigarettes were hand rolled with filters stuck into the end of the cigarette and adhered with glue. This obviously sounds frustrating and messy, which deterred people from sticking with it. So, either you went filterless, or you continued to buy commercially manufactured smokes.

Not anymore!
Today, there are many options available which make homemade cigarette making much easiser and faster. By using filter tubes(empty cigarettes) and injection machines, you can make a pack in as little as 2 minutes! Choosing the right machine and tubes can be difficult because of the wide selection, and all the products vary in quality, speed and ease of rolling, and price.

So to get started with MYO, you are going to have to buy a few things, which can be found here or at your local tobacco shop. These things are:

1. a cigarette making machine

2. a box of cigarette filter tubes

3. a 6oz bag of cigarette rolling tobacco or pipe tobacco
(pipe tobacco is a less expensive, because it is not taxed the same as store bought cigarettes are.)

Machines range in price from five to $500.00, depending on the type of machine you buy . The more expensive machines make cigarettes much faster than the smaller handheld machines , although the handheld machines fit better into a budget . The three styles of injectors are:

1. Handheld

2. Tabletop

3. Electric.

Handheld injectors

These are small and inexpensive, and make a good cigarette when used properly . These devices typically come with it a tamper used to compress the tobacco into the chamber. The consistency of the tobacco will determine how well your cigarette draws and how strong it feels. An individual with some practice can make a pack as fast as ten minutes. The disadvantages of these machines are a speed, the consistency of your cigarettes, and the longevity of the machine. These machines are notorious for bending in breaking whenever they are used to make a cigarette that is too tight. But, with lots of practice consistent cigarettes can be made and the time frame spent on making cigarettes it is not that bad. Also, I have found that the handheld injectors tend to not fill the cigarette all the way to the filter, leaving a gap where the cigarette bends, flexes and tears. To avoid this problem, use and an injector that makes 100mm cigarettes, such as the Premier Quickfill King or 100's adjustable Injector Set it to 100mm, and use king size tubes. The rule with these machines is patience and practice makes perfect.

Tabletop injectors

If you are serious about making your own cigarettes, a tabletop cigarette injector may be your best investment. These machines range from $25 to $50.00 and have a good reputation for making quality cigarettes fast. Brands such as Top-O-Matic and Premier Supermatic are very popular, mostly because they are durable and reliable machines. A seasoned cigarette maker can make a pack with these machines in as little as five minutes. So while these machines cost more than the handheld injectors, you reduce the amount of time spent actually making your cigarettes. Check out this video on how to use a tabletop injector .
Electric cigarette injector-

This device is new to the a M. Y. O. family, and is the fastest of all the cigarette making machines. There are two different styles of these machines, and design improvements are emerging that every day. Owners of these devices claim that they can make a pack of cigarettes as fast as two minutes. However these machines are costly, ranging from $60.00 to as high as $500. Therefore these only for the serious cigarette makers and can be a very beneficial investment in your time but its expensive, so newbies should think about starting smaller.

(Please note- selling your homemade cigarettes is highly illegal without the proper licensing and FDA approval).

Let's look at the two types of machines first.
First, we have the electric spoon type injector.  These use the same principles as the tabletop injectors where the tobacco is injected into the empty filter tube, but instead swinging a handle, you simply press a button and your cigarette is filled without any more effort. Because these machines eliminate jams and difficult injecting conditions caused by wet pipe tobacco, they increase the speed of cigarette making even more. These machines price lower than other types of it electric injectors, starting at about $60.00. The Auger type is where cigarette making can get expensive. These super fast, revolutionary cigarette machines are by far the fastest and most expensive of all the cigarette machines. There is a system that costs as much as $500.00 in this category. However, many consumer reviews have revealed that the auger within these machines grinds the cigarette tobacco too finely, and the cigarettes do not burn properly because of this. Common complaints include cigarettes to tight to smoke, and the "cherry" of their cigarettes constantly falls off, causing burn holes in clothing and skin. Newer models have auger designs that are supposed to alleviate part of this problem by not grinding the tobacco up as much. Do your research and choose very carefully if you're preparing to spend more than $100.00 on an electric cigarette machine ( look for return policies and warranty information ). Watch this video on how electric cigarette makers work .

The machine you choose is probably the most important decision you will make about making your own cigarettes because your choice may affect how frustrating that experience it is for you. I have been using the Top-o-Matic tabletop injector for two years now, and it has proved to be the most headache free machine out of all that I have tried. I would strongly recommend it, although Premier's equivalent models make cigarettes of equal quality. The handheld injectors are not a bad decision because they are much more inexpensive and with practice can make the same quality cigarettes. You'll just spend a few extra minutes a day making smokes. Frustration from poor tobacco conditions can make handheld rolling ineffective and aggravating, especially when you need a cigarette and can't seem to make one properly!

Check out pricing on tubes
Now let's talk tubes.
There are many different manufacturers of cigarette tubes, but I will save you the trouble of experimenting and tell you this : almost all the brands I have tried make the flavor of your tobacco harsh and unpleasant. Ironically, the most inexpensive brand (which is Premier) are the only cigarette tubes that taste of the same quality that commercially made cigarettes do . They come in many varieties: full flavor, lights, one hundreds, 100 lights, menthol , and menthol 100. I have composed a recipe guide which can help you selected to show based on the flavor of cigarette you desire. It doesn't matter which one you select, the good news is is that they are all free of FSC(fire safety compliance chemicals, which is a major reason why many people switch to make your own. They cost around $3.00 per box, which is about a dollar cheaper than the next closest brand, which will ruin the flavor of your cigarette anyway.

                                        Time for Tobacco
Finally you will need tobacco this also comes in a few different varieties. Most smokers have heard of Topps, Gambler, and Bugler. These popular name brands, however, are slightly harsher than many of the generic brands, but they usually resemble the flavor of popular name brand cigarettes such as Marlboro. Pipe tobacco is far more inexpensive and tastes much better than the name brand tobaccos. The Federal cigarette tax does not apply to this type of tobacco, but the flavor is almost identical. Only the cut is different. Pipe tobacco must be left out to dry and cut down to strips no longer than 1/4 in. to properly work in cigarette injectors and not jam them up. A simple way to do this is to freeze tobacco so that when you make your cigarettes, the frozen leaves will break easily and little effort will be required to obtain the proper consistency of tobacco. If you need a sample of the proper size of the tobacco to use, Gamblers Tube cut is specifically designed for cigarette injector machines with filter tubes. The same size bag of pipe tobacco as a can of name brand tobacco costs $6 to $10 as opposed to $20 to $30 for the name brand tobacco. Obviously, all of these tobacco's have different flavors which will appeal to smokers of different commercial cigarettes.
Here is a link to my tobacco recipe guide , which will teach you how to select the tobacco blend that closely matches your brand. Mix and match your own brands to discover new recipes of tobacco and cigarette flavor.

I hope of the information and resources found here have helped to you selected they make your own cigarettes system that works best for you. Making your own cigarettes saves lots of money, only takes a small amount of time, and reduces the amount of toxins found in your cigarette smoke. It is an all around win situation, the only thing more economical is to quit, and we all know that's easier said than done. Good luck with M. Y. O. and happy rolling!