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If you already make your own cigarettes, you have probably experimented with a few different brands and flavors of tobacco. Odds are you have also picked one day you prefer over all the others.

      But if you are a newbie to the make your own cigarette concept, or you are still considering it as an option but haven't made the switch yet, read on, there may be some convincing information here for you.

      One of major reason smokers don't switch to make your own is familiarity. Most smokers prefer one brand over all the others based on personal preference of strength, taste, the way it hits the back of your throat, and of course, price . The fear is that homemade cigarettes will taste too different from their usual brand and this adjustment is not welcome too many smokers who have used one brand that for ten or more years. There is no comparison in flavor: manufactured of cigarettes and homemade ones taste much different . The majority of people who try making their own cigarettes find the tobacco to have a fresh and robust flavor unlike that of a pre-made cigarette . This is because there are fewer chemicals and flavor additives in rolling tobacco . That means you are tasting the tobacco instead of chemicals, probably for the first time! In addition, recent laws requiring fire safety compliance (or F. S. C. for short) cigarette paper have added more chemical flavor, which smokers complain of as being one of many bad side effects of their new "safer" cigarettes. Cigarettes tubes for M. Y. O. contain no fire safe compliant chemicals and therefore contain less poisons . They also don't leave the same foul aftertaste in your mouth but, since everyone has a favorite cigarettes with their favorite flavor, most smokers won't compromise this quality of their cigarettes by much. I am one of those people who smoked to the same brand for more than five years , and upon smoking the fire safe cigarette paper , begin to experience all of the bad side effects other people have spoken of , including nausea , headaches, lightheadedness , and dizziness in addition to the foul aftertaste and sore throat .

I felt like my cigarettes had betrayed me!

        This is what drove me to switch off of regular cigarettes and try in making my own to get rid of all the side effects . Not only did the side effects subside, but I immediately noticed a space in my budget . It turns out that by making my own cigarettes and I was saving about $200.00 per month by buying tobacco and tubes instead of packs of cigarettes . I had been faithful to my brands' flavor and was pleasantly surprised by how good pipe tobacco I made my cigarettes with tasted . By experimenting with many different brands and flavors of tobacco , and with full flavor and light tubes , plus a few human guinea pigs, I have created these "cigarette recipes" for those of you don't think you can mimic the flavor of a Marlboro, Camel, or Newport . Try some of my combinations . You'll be amazed at how well as the flavors mimic the premium name brands .
There are two types of tobacco that work well with cigarette making machines, pipe tobacco and cigarette cut tobacco.

Golden Harvest is my personal favorite brand, and has all the flavors you will need for these recipes . A 6oz. bag(enough to make 1 carton of cigarettes) of Golden Harvest where I live costs $6.39 plus tax, far cheaper than many of the other brands . The other brand I experimented with a pipe tobacco was 4 acres, who's price was slightly higher and the quality of tobacco superior to most others . Both of these brands make different kinds of tobacco, and my recipes are composed of all of them. I've also included the flavors of the un-mixed pipe tobacco and of the premium brands, which you can use to modify your own flavor.

Golden Harvest is abbreviated GH, and Four Acres is abbreviated 4A in these recipes.

GH Robust- my personal brand - a full flavored tobacco with a rich, smooth and mellow flavor . This flavor is part of most of the tobacco recipes . By itself, it is a close substitutes from my previous brand of cigarettes, Marlboro blend #27 .

GH Natural- this medium flavored tobacco is additive and flavor free, and has a slightly harsher flavor than the robust , but still is very smooth . This brand tastes almost identical to a Winston, who also features additive free cigarettes ( but now, even Winston's contain the fire safety compliance chemicals).

GH Mild- A medium flavored tobacco that was popular amongst the smokers who previously smoked Marlboro lights, the country's most popular brand of cigarettes.

GH Menthol- this one is cut with eucalyptus and natural mint and is smooth and refreshing . The flavor of this tobacco will vary according to the type of paper you use to make your cigarettes.

GH Blackberry- All us guinea pigs tried it once. We smoked about half of the cigarette and that bag of tobacco never got touched again. Still, some folks out there may find this exotic bland is to their liking. Give it a try, experimenting led to many great blends of tobacco that taste great !

4A Full strength- An inexpensive brand that is popular amongst M. Y. O. / R. Y. O. smokers. While the flavor isn't as rich as smooth as GH, this is still a high quality pipe tobacco that more closely resembles Camel in flavor and smoothness.

4A Mellow- This lighter flavored tobacco worked good for all (ultra)light smokers that find Tops, Gambler, and other name brands to strong for their liking . This is the lightest brand we experimented with.

The alternative to pipe tobacco is name brand cigarette cut tobacco . Since these brands are more popular they are much more expensive . The cut is often specified for that of a cigarette machine or works in a cigarette roller (pipe tobacco must be dried and crunched up slightly for the machines to use them, 1/4" pieces in length) . All of these brands taste decent and each has its own unique flavor but all of these are very close to the flavor of Marlboro. The flavor of these brands is stronger and harsher than pipe tobacco.

Top- one of the most popular and long lasting names in tobacco products makes quality cigarette making equipment including the machine that I myself use on a regular basis . However, many smokers find this tobacco to be more harsh and taste bitter in comparison to the sweeter and more flavorful pipe tobacco that is much more inexpensive to buy

Gambler, Premier, Bugler, American Spirit- These taste closer to a generic brand of cigarette, but are by no means of poor quality . All brands of tobacco will appeal to different smokers based on their flavor preference. They are almost as flavorful and strong as a premium name brand cigarettes but the price is high. American Spirit is a smooth blend that is widely used amongst R. Y. O. smokers of the past . Again this brand tastes closer to mid-quality cigarettes.
Gambler Tube Cut is made for cigarette making machines. This tobacco is cut specifically to work in a cigarette injector care , making the ease of rolling cigarettes even less strenuous, as in no preparation is required to accommodate the tobacco into the machine , whereas pipe tobacco must be dried and cut down to no larger than 1/4in. long strips to properly operate within the machines and not clog them up . The flavor is rich and robust and taste much like if they were store bought . Of course, since it's well cut , it is probably the most expensive of all the name brand tobacco's.

Mix and match- If you try all these flavors and still can't find one that suits you or comes close enough to your own brand , here are blended recipes for tobacco flavors that may be helpful to you . The panel of researchers that tested these cigarettes smoked a very diverse variety before trying the homemade ones I presented them with and through trial and error I have determined these combinations to yield flavors almost identical to many major brands
All cigarettes were made with Premier Cigarettes Tubes, which come in several varieties .  Below is a key for my abbreviations in the recipes. All recipes with 100mm tubes will have100 included with the type of tube(For example, full flavor 100mm tubes will be shown as FF100).

Full flavor tube=(FF)
Light flavored tube=(LT),
Golden Harvest Tobacco=GH
Four Acres Tobacco =4A

             The cigarette tube is part of the recipe ; the tube the itself will dramatically affect the flavor of the cigarette you smoke.

If you used to smoke= Tube+ Tobacco Blend(alone or 50\50)

Marlboro Reds = FF + Bugler alone, American Spirit alone,or GH Robust+GH Mild

Marlboro Mediums = FF + GH Robust= GH Natural
or LT + Gambler, Bugler, American Spirit

Marlboro Lights = LT + GH Mild alone, GH Mild+GH Robust, GH Robust+GH Natural

Marlboro 27#s = FF + GH Robust alone

Camel = FF + 4A full strength alone, Gambler Tube Cut alone

Camel Lights = FF + 4A Mellow alone
or LT + Gambler Tube Cut alone, 4A full strength+4A mellow

Turkish Royals = FF + 4A full strength+GH Natural

Winston = FF or LT + GH Natural alone

Any Ultralight = LT100 + 4A Mellow Light

Menthol Recipes

Marlboro Menthol = FF + GH Mint+GH Robust

Marlboro Menthol Light = M + GH Mild

Kool = MT + GH Mint

Kool Light = MT + GH Mint+GH Mild

Newport = M + GH Menthol Light (Unique blend, costs $20\bag or so. Well worth the higher $

Newport Lights = M100 + GH Menthol Light

Salem = M + GH Mint+ GH Robust

If these combinations are too strong, the lightest combination we found is LT100 plus four acres Light

. The combinations are endless, the possibilities infinite. Try it some of my recipes or mix and match your own tobacco to create your own recipes; you may discover a delicious combination not mentioned here . Hopefully, you are now more confident of making your own cigarettes and finding a flavor that suits you . By embracing that MYO concept you will save tons of money and perhaps find a new favorite flavor of cigarettes. Good luck and happy rolling.

By the way, I received an inside tip from one of my tobacco retail sources that there is a possibility of F. S. C. cigarette tubes within the next two years and a law against the ones we buy now. Look into buying bulk while the non FSC tubes last. You may find it to be a wise investment . You can find all variates of Premier Supermatic cigarette tubes and flavors at